State Greco Results


Derick Jorissen 10U53 LBS.3RD PLACE


Jack Clemenson8U62 LBS.1ST PLACE
Chase Clemenson10U77 LBS.1ST PLACE
Griffin Magee12U63 LBS.1ST PLACE
William Ward12U117 LBS.1ST PLACE
Caleb Johnson14U119 LBS.1ST PLACE
Tyler Porter 16U120 LBS.1ST PLACE
Kendall Booker 12U 74 LBS.2ND PLACE
Steteson Gisselbeck12U78 LBS.3RD PLACE
Kaleb Porter 16U138 LBS.3RD PLACE
Derick Jorissen 10U63 LBS.4TH PLACE
Harper Schultz 12U117 LBS.4TH PLACE




Cruz Kelly Fly45 LBS.1ST PLACE
Eli Wentz 8U56 LBS.1ST PLACE
Eli Anderson 8U70 LBS.1ST PLACE
Jayden Mattern-Badillo10U 67 LBS.1ST PLACE
Jack Clemenson10U 71 LBS.1ST PLACE
Malachi Anderson10U 120+1ST PLACE
Thadd Hanson12U70 LBS.1ST PLACE
Chase Clemenson12U92 LBS.1ST PLACE
Stetson Gisselbeck14U106 LBS.1ST PLACE
Konnor Johnson14U114 LBS.1ST PLACE
Tyler Porter Junior152 LBS.1ST PLACE
Watson Nagel 12U67 LBS.2ND PLACE
Jake Mattern 12U82 LBS.2ND PLACE
Griffin Magee 14U83 LBS.2ND PLACE
Gus Maughan 16U132 LBS.2ND PLACE
Dawson Gregg 16U152 LBS.2ND PLACE
Joshua Worral Junior160 LBS.2ND PLACE
Caleb Parman Fly53 LBS.3RD PLACE
Grady Johnson 12U82 LBS.3RD PLACE
Jace Varriano 14U114 LBS.3RD PLACE
Beau Heller 8U53 LBS.4TH PLACE
Rowdy Radel 12U108 LBS.4TH PLACE
Madden Schwab12U135 LBS.4TH PLACE
Jackson Alexander14U110 LBS.4TH PLACE
Caleb Johnson 16U170 LBS.4TH PLACE
Cash Kelly 8U70 LBS.5TH PLACE
Jack Dunn 12U74 LBS.5TH PLACE
Zach Liily 16U170 LBS.5TH PLACE
Kenneth HansonJunior152 LBS.6TH PLACE



Landon Rinke12U70 LBS.1ST PLACE
Jack Clemenson12U78 LBS.1ST PLACE
Thadd Hanson14U77 LBS.1ST PLACE
Griffin Magee14U87 LBS.1ST PLACE
Jetton Wadeson14U119 LBS.1ST PLACE
Carter Zink 16U138 LBS.1ST PLACE
Gus Maughan16U145 LBS.1ST PLACE
Gus MaughanJuniors145 LBS.1ST PLACE
Eli Wentz 10U63 LBS.2ND PLACE
Corbin Jordahl 10U67 LBS.2ND PLACE
Eli Anderson 10U84 LBS.2ND PLACE
Jayden Mattern-Badillo12U78 LBS.2ND PLACE
Gunner Burke 12U92 LBS.2ND PLACE
Chase Clemenson14U97 LBS.2ND PLACE
Konnor Johnson16U132 LBS.2ND PLACE
Cruz Kelly 8U53 LBS.3RD PLACE
Gradyn Johnson12U86 LBS.3RD PLACE
Jack Dunn 14U87 LBS.4TH PLACE
Cash Kelly 10U84 LBS.5TH PLACE
Jace Varriano 16U126 LBS.5TH PLACE
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